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Publications in 2022
V. Tong, S. Souihi, H.A. Tran and A. ,
“SDN-based Application-aware Segment Routing for Large-scale Networks,”
MELLOUKIEEE Systems Journal, 2021.
H.N. Nguyen, H.A. Tran, S. Fowler, S. Souihi,
“A survey of Blockchain technologies applied to Software-Defined Networking: Research challenges and solutions,”
IET Wireless Sensor Systems, 2021
V. Tong, S. Souihi, H.A. Tran and A. MELLOUK,
“Machine Learning based Root Cause Analysis for SDN Network,”
D.H. Le, H.A. Tran, and S. Souihi,
“A Reinforcement Learning-based solution for Intra-domain Egress Selection,”
IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR21), 2021.
H.A. Tran, T.T.T. NGUYEN, S. Souihi, and A. MELLOUK,
“Towards a Novel Congestion Notification Algorithm for a Software-Defined Data Center Networks,”
IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, 2021.
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