AI-driven Log and Event Management has evolved to include advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to accelerate detection


  • Auto-discovery of network devices

  • Flexible and extensible data gathering

  • Monitoring of Linux and Windows servers with agents

  • Historical graphs for up to three month back

  • Detection of changes in network device configuration

  • Monitoring of suspicious user activities to indicate insider threats

  • Real-time threat detection to discover high-risk cyberattack

  • Unlimited scalability and high availability


Bamboo Agent

  • Monitoring of CPU, memory, disk, network, and services
  • Monitoring of security-related events
  • Providing alerts of every abnormal event on the system
  • Information Filtering by event type, IP address to save space on the centralized server
  • AI-assisted malware detection and response
  • Rule-based and machine learning-based traffic filtering
  • Seamless integration with BAMBOO centralized server

Bamboo Siem

  • Agent-based log collection
  • Monitoring various aspects of critical resources
  • Live dashboards to present notable events and potential security incidents
  • ML-enabled security analysis of historical data
  • Risk analysis based on both quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Management of Active Directory Domain Services to control the access to network resources
  • User and entity behavior analytics
  • IT compliance management